At Ridgeway Pets we pride ourselves on providing a premium dog-walking and petcare service, facilitated by individuals with an interest in pet and especially canine behaviour. 


Ridgeway Pets is fully insured including the important public liability.

Dog Walking

Appropriate exercise is fundamental to a dog's happiness, wellbeing and behaviour. Walks make best use of the Chilterns countryside; woodlands and open fields. Off-lead walks are offered, provided your written permission is given. Time is spent during the walk to interact with your dog to ensure a physically and mentally stimulating experience. Good behaviour will be rewarded with positive reinforcement, and every effort will be made to continue any training you carry out at home, whether that be to overcome training hurdles or modify challenging behaviour. 


Before being assigned any new pets, a complimentary, no obligation assessment is undertaken Solo walks can be catered for or alternatively your dog can join a small and carefully selected group. Most walks are an hour-duration (prices start at £13 for one dog from a household eligible for a group walk). Specific requests can be catered for, such as walks or visits of shorter or longer duration; evenings, weekends or bank holidays.

Home Visits

Home visits can be provided for puppies, elderly dogs or small animals. This service is popular with those owners who do not wish to house their cats in boarding establishments, or for those who have special requirements, such as regular medication. During the visit, fresh food, water, playtime and toilet breaks can be provided, addittionally litter trays, hutches or runs cleaned out as required. Care can also be provided for more unusual, exotic or larger animals. Prices start at £8 for a 20-minute visit, and are dependent on frequency and location.

1-1 Training & Behaviour Consultations

 1-1 Training is available to remediate common problems including jumping up, poor recall and pulling on the lead. 1-1 Training for puppies is a popular service to ensure your new pet learns the basics and to reduce the risk of problems  occurring. 


Private behavioural consultations are offered for dogs and cats and are initially carried out within your own home. This requires completion of a history form and veterinary referral.


Common problems addressed by behavioural therapy include aggression towards other dogs and people, fears and phobias (of fireworks for example), destruction and anxiety in the house if left alone and house-soiling. 


Frequent requests for cats include remediation for elimination problems and spraying.


Chloe uses a holistic approach to treat behaviour problems, analysing the individual's emotionality before, during and after the problem behaviour is performed, along with an interpretation of the pet's day-to-day baseline mood. 


A behavioural consultation including follow-up and written report is priced at £120.00.



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